Endowment Fund

The Endowment for Enduring Excellence

Over the more than 130 years of its stellar history, Le Rosey has established itself as a leading educational institution attracting students worldwide. No word better describes Le Rosey than “excellence” – in academics, personal growth, student investment, and management. There’s no question about the importance of Le Rosey’s mission. Faculty and students will make an undeniable difference in the way a wide range of problems are understood and addressed—from economic uncertainty and climate change to infectious disease and religious and cultural strife.

In 2014, we celebrate the 17th Anniversary of Le Rosey Foundation, created by a group of devoted alumni to ensure that the unique educational experience, the meaningful traditions, and the important values gained in the Rosey experience endure for many years to come. Unlike almost all the private Schools and universities around the world, neither the School nor the Foundation has had a full-time fundraising programme. In today’s economic environment, no matter how well run a business may be, fiscal responsibility must include security for the future.

We invite you to join our celebration by lending your support to our Campaign for the Endowment for Enduring Excellence.

The Endowment Fund was established and is managed by the Foundation Investment Committee. The aim of the Foundation Endowment is to support the people, programmes, and activities of the School in perpetuity. Growth of the endowment through investment gains and charitable giving will enable the Foundation to support a wide range of important needs. Endowment assets are invested and a portion of the value of the fund is paid out annually to support the mission.  Earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund's market value.

The annual endowment income will support academic programmes, promote the growth of professorial chairs and teachers-in-residence and student financial aid needs. The endowment could enable the School to undertake specific activities that donors choose to support. The fund could support fresh ideas and entrepreneurial efforts as future innovators are educated here.

The goal for the 17th Anniversary is CHF 5,000,000 – the overall goal established by the Foundation Board is CHF25,000,000.
If you would like to donate to the Endowment Fund, please visit the "How You Can Help" Page.

Levels of recognition

There are a number of ways to receive recognition for your contribution, including a Named Scholarship in honour of the donor, a close family member or a past director or professor of Le Rosey. The accompanying table describes the levels of recognition developed to encourage all levels of support.

Levels of recognition
CategoryGift AmountNamed Gift/BenefitsNOTE
Founders’ Circle$2,500,000 - $5,000,000Sports Field/3 Named scholarships
Honourary Board Member
All donors in these categories will be guests of honour at one of the annual gala events of the Le Rosey Foundation. The names will be engraved on the Honour Plaque displayed at Le Rosey and published in the Honour Roll that appears periodically in the Foundation Newsletter.
Carnal Society$1,000,000 – $2,499,999Laboratory, Classroom/ 2 Named Scholarships
Johannot Society$500,000 – $999,999Named Scholarship
Presidents’ Society$250,000 – $499,999Named tree (Sequoia, Oak, etc) planted in honour of donor
Directors’ Club$100,000 – $249,000Invitation for a personal visit of the School by the Director, meeting with the faculty and a full day & night at the School, including participating in classes and meals.All donors in the these categories will be identified (if so desired) on the Honour Roll that appears periodically in the Foundation Newsletter.
Committees’ Club$50,000 – $99,000Special guest of the Charity Committee. Invited to participate in an event set up by this Committee. A full day at the School including participating in classes and meals.
Club des Fidèles$ 25,000 – $49,999Special guest at the Committee’s table for lunch at Le Rosey with the students. Receive limited edition Rosey travel bag.
Leaders' Club$10,000 – 24,999Receive Rosey training suit and participate in the School sports activities for an afternoon.
Club Zouzou$5,000  - $9,999Receive a Rosey wristwatch.
Donor’s Club$2,500 – 4,999 
Friends of the FoundationUp to $2,500