Le Rosey Charity Committee Projects

The Charity Committee

Le Rosey Charity Committee, formed by a group of committed students from classes 1 and T, aims at developing a number of humanitarian projects in different countries. Their efforts combine a mix of fundraising and personal involvement in the form of background work and on site studies conducted during humanitarian trips organised by the School. This work not only benefits the recipients of the different projects but also enhances the development of Rosey students by raising awareness of the challenges faced by those living in need. Students taking part have the unique opportunity to get involved with youths from completely different backgrounds they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. Becoming aware of the challenges faced by the less privileged, they forge a new sense of shared responsibility by those with the means to implement durable change to take action whenever possible to alleviate hardships.

The Charity Committee has ongoing projects in Nepal, Tajikistan, Ghana and Mali. They have recently launched a new philanthropic initiative dedicated to supporting young women in developing countries who are exposed to serious physical and psychological damage.  Three NGOs that are linked in some way to Le Rosey have been identified. The Charity Committee will be fundraising for these entities and, besides financial support, will develop working ties with these organisations to enable Rosey students to work in the field.

Le Rosey Foundation, recognising the importance of such work done by current Rosey students, has decided to assist in the fundraising effort to maximise the impact of this new initiative.

To bring your contribution to this project, please visit the "How You Can Help" Page.