About us

Since Paul-Henri Carnal founded Le Rosey in 1880, the School has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive and demanding education, fostering the development of the complete individual in a residential community, and promoting tolerance, respect, and the highest academic and personal standards.

Today, more than ever, the value of an international education is immeasurable. To a world whose economic and social boundaries are disappearing, Le Rosey makes an important contribution by virtue of its international and multilingual academic focus and the multicultural, mutually supportive and respectful environment for students. You appreciate, as we do, the benefits of learning to work independently and in collaboration with fellow students, distinguishing oneself while developing a sense of social responsibility. We want to ensure that this spirit continues to flourish in future generations.

Mission statement and objectives

Building on the School's traditions, in 1997 a group of devoted alumni created Le Rosey Foundation to ensure that the long tradition of a truly unique international education continues and to promote the shared values gained by the Rosey experience.

To realise this mission, Le Rosey Foundation is dedicated to ensuring support for certain School projects and today with the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, the Foundation's main project is to manage all external events happening in the Hall. This will allow the Foundation and the school to continue to work together in launching traditional values in the future.

Our Legal Structure & Management

Le Rosey Foundation is legally structured as a U.S. registered non-profit 501 (c ) (3) organisation and as a Swiss charitable foundation.
The Board of Directors (Trustees) led by the Chairman has the collective responsibility for the management of Le Rosey Foundation. Each board member brings his or her business experience and personal success, tempered with an affinity and dedication to Le Rosey, in determining the policies and objectives of Le Rosey Foundation.
The Annual Financial Accounts are reviewed and audited by M.R. Weiser & Co.LLP New York, NY for the U.S. Foundation and by KPMG Fides Peat, Lausanne for the Swiss Foundation. The annual accounts for these two legal entities are available upon request.

Board of Directors

The current officers of Le Rosey Foundation are:

Peter M. Huri • Treasurer

Peter M. Huri, Chariman Former AIAR President (1995-2001), Treasurer and a Roséen for 8 years (1954-62), Peter is very committed to the Le Rosey’s future. After graduation, he earned an Engineering degree from the EPFL, followed by an MBA in Finance and International Business from Harvard Business School. Peter is President and General Manager of AIM, Alternative Investment Management, an international independent asset management organisation. He also serves as a board member for a number of Swiss corporations including Le Rosey SA. Previously, he was Director of Finance and Administration-Europe, Middle East and Africa for Stauffer Chemical Co. and Conference Board member of the European Council of Financial Executives. Peter and his wife, Ione, have 2 children-Sandra, an ancienne roséenne (1992-96) and Marc.

Alexis P. Zervudachi • Board Member

Alexis P. Zervudachi, Vice-President Swiss Foundation Coming from a Greek family established in Alexandria until the Egyptian revolution, Alexis is the son of Peter E. Zervudachi, also an ancien roséen (1937-40), and attended Le Rosey for 11 years (1967-78) which at the time constituted a record. He graduated from E.C.A.D. E (Ecole des cadres et d’administration de Lausanne) and worked at Sotheby’s and his family’s antique business before establishing, MariServ SA, a Geneva-based shipping management & chartering company. Alexis was a member of the AIAR Committee from 1989 to 2003 and one of the initiators of the Le Rosey Foundation. He lives in Switzerland and travels frequently to Greece with his wife Nathalie, also of Greek origin, and their two children, Alexandra and Nicolas.

Olivier Freymond • Advisory Board Member

Olivier Freymond, General Counsel Swiss Foundation Following his graduation from Le Rosey (1969-1971), Olivier pursued his law studies at the University of Lausanne and Heidelberg with courses at Cambridge and the Academy of International Law at the Hague. He is currently the Bâtonnier for the Ordre des avocats vaudois and a member of various professional organisations including the Fédération suisse des avocats, Association Suisse de l’arbitrage, Société suisse des juristes, Comité d’arbitrage de la Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l’industrie (CVCI) and Union international des avocats. His professional expertise lies in civil, commercial and real estate law as well as in the area of legal arbitration. Olivier provides legal counsel for the Foundation and assisted in its formation as a Swiss non-profit organisation. Olivier is married with two daughters.

Philippe Gudin • Board Member

Coming from a line of diplomats, Philippe studied mathematics and economics in Paris and Geneva. Once his degree obtained, he worked as a cultural attaché for the French Embassy in Panama. More passionate about education than international relations, Philippe, who had headed boy scout groups in the past and a summer camp for 300 children at the age of 20, arrived at Rosey in 1980, when he was 26 years old. At that time, along with his wife Anne sho shares this professional project and with the support of their families, he took over from Louis Johannot as head of the School, this becoming its 4th General Director since the School’s inception in 1880. Philippe took over the Champittet college in 1999, has headed different professional educational and sports associations asw well as promoted education in Switzerland. He is the father of 4 anciens roséens, one of whom, Christophe, graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne et founder of the “Cyb Education” start-up will take over from him in 2013 as head of Rosey.

Sandra Huri • Chairwoman

to come

Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti • Board Member

Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, Founder & Creative Director of the very first editorial catalog website, Vivre, Vivre.com and Voyager Spirit (2001-Present) and an ancienne roséenne (1982-1987). After graduating from Barnard College /Columbia University with a BA, Eva began her career in finance at Lazard Frères. She has also designed more than a dozen successful lines for the Home Shopping Network, under the V by Eva Label, has curated Accessory collections for a multitude of brands, has been the spokesperson for Blackberry, appeared on national television as a style expert, is currently the host of Luxury Explorer TV and the mentor on Lifetime's prime-time hit, Project Accessory. She lives in New York with her husband and two children - Allegra, a roséenne (2012-2016) and Amedeo.

Gabriel Rabinovici • Board Member

Gabriel is a co-founder of Willow Impact Investors, a private investment company focusing on small and medium enterprises. Willow Impact invests to deliver both financial returns and social and environmental benefits. His experience includes asset management as Managing Director and co-founder of Concurrent Capital, a New York based private investment firm, and wealth management as part of Union Bancaire Privée and HSBC, in Geneva.
After four years at Le Rosey, upon graduation Gabriel was nominated Ambassadeur du Rosey in 1992. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from Georgetown University, with a double major in Finance and International Business and serves as an interviewer and member of Georgetown's Alumni Admissions Program.
Gabriel is a Director and Trustee of the Le Rosey Foundation. Gabriel also sits on the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Mary McDowell Friends School in New York, a leading school for children with learning disabilities.
As a former AIAR Committee member and the current Rosey Representative in New York, Gabriel is particularly interested in reaching and involving the younger Rosey alumni in order to promote the Le Rosey Foundation’s mission and objectives. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Aleco Keusseoglou • Advisory Board Member

Aleco Keusseoglou, Board Member Le Rosey Foundation. From the time he was old enough to walk on a ship, Aleco watched, assisted and eventually directed the growth of his father’s company, Sun Line Cruises, into the premier luxury cruise line in the Mediterranean, thereby becoming one of the youngest top-level executives in this industry. Born in Lausanne, he lived in Genoa and Monaco before returning to Switzerland to attend and graduate from Le Rosey (1975-77). After receiving his BA degree in Economics from Williams College where he was a member of the college’s varsity soccer team, Aleco immediately joined Sun Line Cruises, developing his professional expertise in international sales and marketing of luxury cruises in addition to the management of a family-held business. He travels extensively with his wife, Nathalie, and maintains homes in Athens, Monaco and New York.

Hashem Khosrovani • Advisory Board Member

Hashem Khosrovani, Board Member Le Rosey Foundation. After attending Le Rosey (1958-62), Hashem graduated from Stanford University in 1966 and went on to Harvard Business School’s MBA program. He returned to Iran in 1969 and set up a successful group of companies specialising in engineering, construction and services to the oil industry. In 1978, he moved to Geneva and is a Swiss citizen. He is a collector of art including modern, contemporary as well as Persian and Islamic art. Hashem has two daughters, Layla (1991-94) and Maryam (1992-93), who also attended Le Rosey.

Christian Mustad • Advisory Board Member

Christian attended Le Rosey (1948-1956) where he got the Swiss Maturité C, then did 2 years of Military School, followed by the Dipl. in Engineering from ETH-Zürich and an MBA at Insead. He is married to Nicky and has 2 boys who both went numerous years to Le Rosey. Christian after retiring from the day to day in the family group sits now on its board. Besides he is involved in many start-up in the States and Denmark where he sits on the board. He is also in the board of Global Harmony Foundation in Switzerland which helps to give an education to poor children in Brazil, India and Costa Rica. Christian is a past AIAR president.

André Poulie • Advisory Board Member

André Poulie, Board Member Le Rosey Foundation. A student for 10 years (1973-83), frequent AIAR reunion participant and a former member of the AIAR Committee, Le Rosey has played and important role in André’s life, resulting in many friendships, fond memories and a great sense of commitment to see the School continue to enrich the lives of other young people. Following Le Rosey, he earned a BA degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College. André offers a valuable asset to the Le Rosey Foundation with his experience in the management of charitable organisations. In memory of their mother, he and his brother founded in 1993 the Foundation Theodora, a Swiss registered charity. André currently manages six Theodora Foundations that offer weekly visits by 165 professional clowns to hospitalised children- over 3 million to date – in 120 hospitals in 8 countries.

Mehran Azmoudeh • Board Member

Mehran Azmoudeh, Board Member Le Rosey Foundation. He enrolled in Le Rosey at the age of nine and graduated 9 years later (1978-87) to go to the University of California at Berkeley. Since 2016, Mehran is the President of the AIAR (Association Internationale des Anciens Roséens) Le Rosey’s alumni association in attempt, as he says, to return, what was given to him with a measure of integrity and respect. His presidency aims to unite and bridge generations. He is dedicated to giving worthy young individuals an equal chance to experience the school that gave him his values by encouraging the scholarship program.

Marie- Noëlle Gudin • Executive Director

Marie- Noëlle Gudin - Executive Director & Fundraising Manager since 2014. Marie-Noëlle is managing all cultural events for the Rosey Concert Hall bringing prestige as well as originality to the choice of events. She also aims to further develop the scholarship program for students with academic, artistic or athletic talents. She looks forward to enthusiastically organize fundraising events in Switzerland and all over the World for the Foundation. After attending Le Rosey (’96-’06), Marie studied law at the University of Geneva, Public International Law in London and completed her Master’s at King’s College London.