Partnership Programme

Why does the Foundation need partners? By providing this additional opportunity for support, we hope to be able to claim that ALL donations, auction lot sales, and event participation revenue are contributing 100% to our programmes.
Our partners benefit through tax deduction incentives, recognition in our various publications, and public appreciation and other advantages. We have identified three partnership opportunities:

  • International Partner- Primary partner providing significant support throughout the year to both the Foundation’s legal entities in the U.S. and Switzerland.
  • National Partner-Partner providing important financial support with an emphasis on one of the Foundation legal entities.
  • Local (Regional) Partner-Partner providing financial and/or service support on a local or regional level, such as direct partnership for a Foundation Event.
  • Concert Partner - Partner providing financial support to a concert given in the Rosey Concert Hall.

We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to our individual and corporate sponsors. We look forward to their continued support and ask that you encourage them with your business!

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Partnership Programme or becoming one of our partners.