Rosey Concert Hall

Rosey Concert Hall

Le Rosey has built what will become the most avant-garde Art Centre at any School in the world. It emerged from the vision of Philippe Gudin who believes that beyond traditional academic skills, artistic education is one of the keys for responding to the challenges of our time and opening minds to new professions evolving over the coming decades.

The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall contains an 900-seat auditorium for concerts, theatre and conferences: the Rosey Concert Hall.  In addition to this important space will be music teaching rooms, practice rooms of several sizes, art studios and workshops for sculpture, stage scenery and theatrical costume, a “black box” theatre, teaching kitchen and dining room.

Le Foundation is proud to be involved with this project by managing all external events happening in the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall. That includes concerts of all kind of music, theatre plays, conferences but also hosting personalities in every field, may it be sports, sciences, politics or music to hold Master Classes. To this end, we are looking for partners willing to present a concert with us, as well as donors who would like to support the on-going fund dedicated to this project.

The building will also be available for rental when the Rosey campus is empty, during the winter.

  1. Programming, financing and managing cultural events (classical and contemporary concerts, operas, theatre plays, cinema) that happen in the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, in collaboration with the Rosey Artistic Commission.
  2. Programming, financing and managing invitations for high-standard artists to come to the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall for a few hours or days to give Master Classes in music, theatre, design or cooking, in collaboration with the Rosey artistic direction.
  3. Likewise for high-standard sportsmen for a special competition team coaching, in collaboration with the Rosey director of Sports.
  4. Likewise for political, scientific or other leader figures who could give conferences in the Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, in collaboration with the Rosey general direction.
  5. General fundraising to create a Paul & Henri Carnal Hall fund, in order to cover all expenses linked to the management of the building.


If you wish to contribute to this project, please visit the "How You Can Help" Page.