The scholarship programme

The Scholarship Programme

Our Scholarship Programme was created to achieve its primary objective: to provide scholarships to highly qualified and financially deserving students whose attendance at the School will both benefit the recipient and motivate other Rosey students to excel. The Le Rosey Foundation Scholarship Programme enables Le Rosey to anticipate and plan for the availability of financial assistance for qualified applicants. This increases the School’s ability to welcome talented students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

The Foundation launched this programme during the 1999-2000 School year thanks to a generous leadership gift that established the first endowed scholarship. Throughout the years, our scholarship students have graduated from Le Rosey and studied at universities such as Harvard and Stanford in the USA, La Sorbonne in Paris, or King's College in London. Le Rosey Foundation keeps in touch with former scholars during and after their studies, to provide continued assistance and guidance to those who need it and to keep up to date with former scholars' current activities and achievements.

The Selection Process

The Le Rosey Foundation Scholarship Programme and the School actively seek strong candidates in order to continue to develop the programme and offer outstanding students the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the unique Rosey experience.

The School’s Admission Committee selects the scholarship candidates. The general parameters of the Foundation Scholarship Programme are as follows:

  • The Foundation works in close partnership with the School in reviewing applications from qualified scholars.
  • School tuition, board and other normal expenses are covered 100% by the following: a significant tuition/board discount offered by the School; a parental/student contribution; and the Foundation scholarship*. These three components are determined on a case-by-case basis and reviewed annually in line with changing financial need.
  • Preference is given to students aged 12 to 15 (regardless of sex, nationality, race or religion) to enable them to benefit fully from the Rosey experience and  positively influence their Schoolmates.

Specific criteria include:

  • Candidates must produce outstanding academic records over the previous three years.
  • Candidates must score an average of at least 15/20 on the two Rosey entrance examinations.
  • Candidates must give evidence of strong leadership potential, positive character traits and no past history of serious disciplinary or social problems. An interview with one or more members of the Scholarship Committee is normally required.
  • Parents/candidates must supply appropriate financial information to justify financial need and update this information annually as long as the student is at Le Rosey.
  • Accepted candidates are requested, within a five-year period following graduation, to serve as a Le Rosey Summer Camp Counsellor or participate in some other activity that benefits the School, the Foundation, the AIAR or an agreed charitable organisation.

How to Apply or Propose a Candidate

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or have a candidate that you would like to propose, please send our scholarship office a brief message with the applicant's full name, age, country of residence and any other relevant information : contact us

Visit the Le Rosey's Admissions and Applications page on Le Rosey’s website for more information.

*Kindly note that the Foundation does not grant full scholarships. The scholarship candidate’s family will be required to provide information regarding its financial status: the precise amount of financial aid will be based on this documentation. Successful applicants’ families should note, however, that they will be required to make a contribution to tuition fees and that they must cover any non-obligatory extra expenses.