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Assist. Value. Transmit. Support.

Strong beliefs and key values are the drivers of the Rosey Foundation’s daily commitment towards the young all over the world.
With your help we can build tomorrow’s successes together by supporting education, culture and diversity today.

DONATIONS * – help us act now!
Our projects exist thanks to your generosity. Your donation goes entirely to the local actors in the various projects.
You can also make a general donation to the Foundation. The funds will be used where needed.
(*Depending on your country of residence, we can provide you with a tax certificate.)

BEQUESTS – a philanthropic gesture for the future
If our mission is dear to your heart, you may decide to favour the Foundation in your will as the legatee of part of your wealth or assets through a charitable bequest.
Le Rosey Foundation is exempt from inheritance tax. Assuring complete confidentiality, we are at your disposal for further details on how to make the appropriate arrangements.

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1. Gekko

Support the education of young refugees on Lesvos, in Greece.

The Fondation and Gekko Kids are your partners to fulfill the needs of these asylum-seeking children.

From 500 to 50,000 Euros, your help is precious. A few examples:

500 Euros: one month of school equipment for 150 students
2,000 Euros:  one month of rent of the premises in Mytilene
5,000 Euros: yearly cost of a volunteer at Better Days (housing, expenses, food etc…)
12,000 Euros: half of an annual teacher’s salary
50,000 Euros: a  semester of the sports or art development program
(e.g. Socrates Project)

Take a look at the projet

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2. Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Heritage, ecology, education: support a cause you are passionate about.
Every little gesture helps support the MWCT’s mission to conserve wildlife, nature and the cultural heritage of the Maasai community. To ensure the biggest impact for your donation, the MWCT and the  Foundation will guide you.


  • $ 10 : a family meal for 5 people
  • $ 100 : 70 % of the monthly wage of a kindergarten teacher
  • $ 250 : 100% of the monthly wage of a primary school teacher
  • $ 600 : 3 months of medication and antibiotics
  • $ 1,250 : 100 % of the school expenses of a secondary school student
  • $ 5,000 : 4 years of secondary school fees

Look into the Project

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3. Rosey Abantara Scholarships

A simple gesture to change a life in Mali through the power of education!

The Foundation supports the best students from the local public schools through Rosey’s sister school in Bamako, Mali. Scholarships allow them to join Rosey-Abantara, recognized today as one of the best private schools in the country.

By making a yearly 1,000 CHF contribution, you significantly alter the future of a Malian, offering him an education that can change a life forever. Reduced classes allow close academic support. Language, sports and art classes complete the approach of a global and holistic education, core values of Le Rosey and of the Foundation.

Your action covers the totality of school expenses for one year. This amount offers to each scholar (on top of the school expenses) a uniform, hot meals in the school canteen, transport to and from school and school supplies.

For another 200 CHF, you also finance a place in the boarding school, making a total of   1,200 CHF per annum. Thanks to this donation, gifted children whose living conditions are very difficult (with no water or electricity at home) will have the chance to attend the school as boarders and study in the best possible environment.

Financing a scholarship in Mali is opening a door to a future everyone is entitled to.

Look into the Project

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4. HEMU Scholarships

Each Encouragement Scholarship allows a young and brilliant musician to settle in Lausanne and start his or her formation within the prestigious Haute Ecole de Musique.

By contributing, you can participate as well to the shaping of new talents, and why not sponsor yourself a student for CHF 5000!

They are unique scholarships, for the 1st year of studies, from September to June.

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5. Rosey Scholarships

Each year, the US Foundation finances a number of scholarships granted to talented youngsters to allow them to study at Rosey.

The Foundation covers one third of the school fees (about 35,000 CHF), the other two thirds being financed by the school and the parents

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6. Rosey Concert Hall

Build strong relationships by joining the Rosey Concert Hall community.

Art and Culture have a vital role to play in La Suisse Romande. The Rosey Concert Hall is an active player, which with the support of its sponsors and Friends, provides an inspiring artistic program of the highest quality.

Today, the Rosey Concert Hall works with privileged partners to carry out its various actions and events.
Umbrella organizations, museums, renowned companies, or international media – they can all become involved and work alongside the Rosey Concert Hall.

By becoming a member of the Friends of the Rosey Concert Hall, paying a 1,000 CHF annual fee, you finance high quality events and join a family, while enjoying many privileges and benefits.

To welcome, to inspire, to surprise, to share knowledge and to showcase talents – that is our vocation.

Rosey Concert Hall Friends

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