From 1999/2000 onwards, the Foundation has granted scholarships to particularly brilliant students to enable them to study at Le Rosey.

Furthermore, the Foundation has financed the studies of a great number of Malian students in Bamako in Rosey’s sister school.

Today, the Foundation extends its support to students in the artistic field in Switzerland.


1. Rosey Abantara Scholars in Mali

Each year, the Foundation grants several scholarships to the Rosey Abantara school in Bamako, Mali.

Candidates, selected by the General-director, come from local public schools in poor suburbs. Their admission to Rosey Abantara takes place with the agreement of the Directors of the partner schools. The students are evaluated on school results which must put them among the 5 best students of their class. Particular attention is given to the balance between the number of boys and girls.

Each scholarship, to an amount of 1,000 CHF, covers the totality of school costs for one candidate for one year, i.e.  school fee, supplies, uniform, transport, meals.

For an extra 200 CHF, you can finance a place at the boarding school – your support totalling up this way to 1’200 CHF/ year. Thanks to this support, gifted students who have difficult living conditions (no water, no electricity) can attend the boarding school and study in the best possible environment.


2. Scholarships @ HEMU Lausanne

Since the inauguration of the Rosey Concert Hall in 2014, the Foundation has become a key actor on the cultural scene in French-speaking Switzerland. By awarding scholarships to young people destined for an artistic career, it perpetuates its commitment to the fields of art and culture.

Since 2020, two scholarships of CHF 5,000 a year have been awarded by the admissions department of the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU) to enable talented young musicians (the best of their selection) to study in Lausanne. Selection is made by the HEMU on the basis of excellence.

These scholarships enable first-year students to settle in Switzerland. They are awarded to the best musicians in the selection process, who often come from abroad and would not be able to study in Lausanne without this assistance.

Since the beginning of the 2021 school year, the Foundation offers 4 additional Pierre Lardy scholarships (named after a generous donor) amounting to 12’000 CHF per year, renewable at the beginning of each school year. The selection is also made by the HEMU on the ground of excellence, according to criteria defined along with the Foundation.

These scholarships allow beneficiary students to dedicate themselves to their studies and to music, thanks to a regular income of 1000 CHF per month.


3. Scholars at Rosey- US Foundation only

To particularly talented students, the American Foundation offers academic scholarships to enable them to study at Le Rosey. Candidates are students with exceptional intellectual, sporting or artistic potential and who desire to be part of Le Rosey community and its values and who appreciate the benefits of this special program.

Conditions for the candidates are:

  • Sit the languages and mathematics exams as requested by the Scholarship Commission of the Foundation (CBF). The results must show that the candidates are likely to achieve outstanding academic results.
  • Take an interview with the CBF committee (in person or by Skype)
  • Complete an application dossier (documents, academic results, video, prizes or trophies won, etc.) containing a description of the academic, artistic, sporting and social abilities of the candidate, written by the teachers of the school currently attended. This dossier is forwarded to all concerned departments for review and analysis, who will then submit their appreciation in writing.

Parents of scholarship candidates are requested to:

  • Provide all necessary documents, in particular a tax declaration, in support of their demand for scholarship. The amount granted is proportional to the financial means of the parents, who will be requested to make a contribution to the school fee, even if this can be symbolic.

Requirements for the renewal of scholarships:

  • A scholarship is granted for one year. The scholarship renewal for another year, and up to the end of the candidate’s studies at Le Rosey, is made upon approval of all the departments: boarding school, academics, arts, sports. All need to be fully convinced that the primary condition for a scholarship has been fulfilled. A written report written by each department stating on this point is transmitted to the CBF committee each year before May 1.

Applications mentioning “scholarship” should be sent to Le Rosey’s admissions department.


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